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$200,000.00 $195,000.00


A concrete grinder for large areas

The HTC 1500 ixT is a ride-on concrete grinder for both large and smaller areas. It rotates 180° on the spot. The grinder’s grinding head consists of two modified HTC 650 HDX heads, the grinding width is around 1.4 m and the motors are 11 kW each.

This concrete grinder is incredibly effective and grinds large areas in a short time, which means huge time-savings for the client. The HTC 1500 ixT is compact and easy to operate, with a clear, easy-to-understand control panel. It is also silent and has a considered ergonomic design. The concrete grinder is electrically-powered, but also has batteries that make transportation easier, as you can drive the machine for loading and unloading. The HTC 1500 ixT is equipped with the MCS™ (Mist Cooler System) and has two integrated suction devices that contribute to a better working environment. The grinding head can be raised and lowered which, combined with the EZchange™ system, makes it easy and convenient to replace tools and saves a lot of time.

If you want an effective concrete grinder that strips large areas in a short time, that also can work in small areas, provides a professional impression and which you can learn to operate quickly, then the HTC 1500 ixT is the right grinder for you. The HTC 1500 ixT grinds up to 30 m² of HTC Superfloor™ per machine hour.

  • A concrete grinder for large areas that can also strip small areas
  • Silent grinder with ergonomic design
  • Compact and easy-to-operate; controlled with joysticks
  • Integrated suction devices
  • Battery operation for transport, loading and unloading
  • The grinding head has 2 x 11 kW motors
  • 40 m electrical cable
  • Grinding width 1.4 m
Name HTC 1500 ixT HTC 1500 ixT
Item no. 967838101 967838101
Length 2600 mm 102 inch
Width 1450 mm 57 inch
Height 2000 mm 77.5 inch
Weight 1900 kg 4,188 lbs
Motor output 2 x 11 kW 2 x 15 HP
Power consumption Max 63 Amp 80 Amps
Voltage 400 V 3 x 460 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz 60 Hz
Grinding pressure 450 kg 992 lbs
Revolution speed 300 – 2000 rpm 300 – 2000 rpm
Grinding discs 8 x 270 mm 8 x 10.6 inch
Grinding head weight 530 kg 1168 lbs
Grinding width 1380 mm 54.3 inch
Grinding motors 2 2
Water tank 24,5 L 6.5 gallons
Mist Cooler System Yes Yes
Recommended Dust Extraction Systems
Cord Reel 42 m 137 feet
Suction effect Automated dust extraction system Automated dust extraction system
Suction motor effect 2 x 3 kW 2 x 4 HP
Max theoretical airflow 1000 m³/hour 680 cfm
Control system 2 x 2-way joystick 2 x 2-way joystick
Suspension 3D floating system 3D floating system
Wheel Dimension 16” x 4” (front); 6” x 2” (rear) 16” x 4” (front); 6” x 2” (rear)
Propulsion effect 2 x 1 kW 2 x 1.3 HP
  • HTC X-models

    4 head grinder (X model)

    With a 4 head grinder you get an up to 30% more effective grinding and stripping and obviously a more level floor.

  • Floating cover

    Floating Grinding Cover

    Together with the dust extractor it prevents dust to spread in the premises. Since HTC’s grinding covers are flexible you can grind much closer to corners and edges.

  • Mist cooler system

    MCS™ – Mist Cooler System

    A small detail that makes a huge difference. Prevents the metal tools to overheat and significantly increase the machines stripping capacity. Read more

  • EZchange


    The HTC developed tool change system is quick, simple and safe. One tooling system for all HTC’s grinding machines. Read more

  • Good working environment

    Good working environment

    HTC’s machines are perfectly balanced during grinding with vibration levels much lower than the threshold values. Sound levels are very low and grinding is more or less dust free.

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