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SCOFIELD® Formula OneTM Guard-W is a VOC-compliant,cost-effective finish that contains lithium silicate; it will improve the gloss level and surface durability of ground and polished concrete when used with a high-speed burnisher. After polishing, concrete surfaces treated with SCOFIELD Formula One Guard-W will demonstrate enhanced clarity; the final color will generally be deeper than that of the original installation. It also improves resistance to water intrusion, reducing maintenance costs. Used after the substrate is treated with SCOFIELD® Formula OneTM Lithium Densifier MP, it further reduces liquid permeability while remaining breathable.

The application rate of SCOFIELD Formula One Guard-W is determined by the porosity and the polished surface profile of the concrete floor at the time of treatment. Polished concrete will usually require an application rate of 1500-2000 square feet per gallon (36.7–49.0 m2/L) for each coat. To insure complete and proper coverage, two coats must be applied prior to burnishing.

Scofield® Formula One Guard-W MSDS

Scofield® Formula One Guard-W TDS

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